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Behaviour & Discipline

The School places a high priority on maintaining its standards of conduct and courtesy, both in the classroom and around the School. Where self-discipline is inadequate, the following framework operates:

  1. Minor infringements of school regulations are dealt with by duty, subject or form/tutor group staff.
  2. The Year Heads deal with more serious breaches of school discipline, with referral as necessary to the Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral). For Main School pupils there is an after-school detention system.
  3. The most serious disciplinary matters come before the Headteacher, whose ultimate sanction is formal exclusion of the pupil from school.
  4. Parents are provided with a copy of School Rules and Routines as part of the joining literature. It is expected that all pupils will have read this document before they join the school and that parents accept and support the school’s procedures.

The simplicity of the above framework indicates the very high standards of behaviour the School is used to: one of the major features of the School, of which we are proud, is the way in which a purposeful working atmosphere is able to be achieved in a notably relaxed manner, though firm action is always taken when necessary to maintain the working ethos.

It is expected that parents undertake that their sons, if given places, will observe the high standards of behaviour traditionally set by the school.

Student Behavioural Sanctions Summary

The School Behaviour Policy can be downloaded here.