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The governors are responsible for the admission of pupils to Poole Grammar School and welcome applications from parents who live in the Borough of Poole and beyond. Admission is principally at the age of 11+ by educational assessment with a Pupil Admission Number PAN of 168. Entry into other years is by educational assessment and dependent upon places being available. Applications for the Sixth Form are dependent upon satisfactory achievement at GCSE. The admissions policy is reviewed annually and should be consulted for the proposed year of entry.

Entry to Poole Grammar or Bournemouth School in Year 7, September 2016

There is one set of selection tests for Poole Grammar School, Bournemouth School, Bournemouth School for Girls and Parkstone Grammar School (the 'Consortium'). This will save children whose parents wish them to be considered for admission to more than one selective school in the Consortium from taking multiple tests for those schools.

The tests will be taken at the school with whom the parent has registered their child. All applicants to a Consortium School must complete a Registration form to be eligible to sit the entrance tests.

Boys will sit the entrance tests on Saturday, 26 September 2015 at either Poole Grammar School or Bournemouth School. The tests may only be taken once by any boy. Details of the tests and arrangements for the day will be sent to parents and students shortly after 11 September 2015. The results of the tests may be used to establish your son's eligibility for a place at both Poole Grammar School and Bournemouth School.

Bournemouth Grammar School will be managing applications for both schools. The Registration Form provides the option to take the test at either Poole or Bournemouth Grammar School. Applicants will be considered for entry to both Grammar Schools depending on their score. Parents will then need to make a formal application using the Common Application Form through their Local Authority, which must be received by 31st October 2015.

Admissions to Poole Grammar School 2016

The detailed admissions policy and test application forms are available on this web site below or on request from the school; email office@poolegrammar.com or phone 01202 692132. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below will be of help to you. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ring the admissions team on 01202 692132.

Click here for the Year 7 Registration Form for 2016

2015 Exam Application for Access Arrangements

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Documents for download:-

2015 Exam Access Arrangements Guidance for Entrance Tests

Poole Grammar School Admissions Policy 2016 Final - This is the agreed Poole Grammar School admissions policy for 2016 entry.

FAQ Admissions 2016

Admissions Policy 2015 - This is the agreed Poole Grammar School admissions policy for 2015 entry.

Poole Grammar School Prospectus