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School Travel Plan

One of the aims of the school development plan is to further develop as a sustainable school by promoting greener ways of getting to school. As part of the Borough of Poole and national plan Poole Grammar School has devised a Travel Plan which targets reducing our Carbon footprint. On an annual basis data is collected to ascertain what effect school policies are having on travel patterns. This data is also used by the Borough to help it make decisions about increasing the number of cycles lanes, public service buses etc. As we are not a ‘neighbourhood’ school there will always be challenges but we do seek to encourage walking, cycling or using buses to get to school as it is a great way to keep fit. School buses provide a comprehensive service serving most areas and parents who do drive their sons to school are encouraged to car share and to drop their sons off and pick them up away from the school site for a short walk to promote fitness and wellbeing.

Linkrider Coaches have a private bus service from Swanage, Wareham, Lytchett Matravers, and one from Wool and Bovington.  If you would like your son to use this service, please call Linkrider direct on 01929 477344 or e-mail linkridercoaches@btconnect.com

Service 40 is a privately funded school bus servicing Verwood/WestMoors/Ferndown.  If you would like your son to use this service, please call Claire Broadley, Bus Liaison Officer, on 07952 945387 or e-mail broadleyclaire@gmail.com  You can also sign up/renew on their webpage:-  https://membermojo.co.uk/ppgsbus

Service  95 is a NEW privately funded school buses servicing Wimborne Corfe Mullen and North Broadstone.  If you would like your son to use this service, simply complete and sign the Travel Application Form and the Terms and Conditions and return them as soon as possible to the address on the forms.  Seats will be by allocation and priority will be given to full time travel students.

The draft timetable is shown below. The timetables may be reviewed and altered again prior to and after an initial trial period in September and will be reviewed during the first year.

If you have any questions regarding the Service 95, please contact Paul at Freedom Transport, paul@freedom-poole.co.uk, or telephone 01202 660868 / 07825542239.


Service 448 will divert from Carters Quay to Coles Avenue via Holes Bay Road and Blandford Road, and will be earlier picking up/later dropping off from Old Town as a result.  This diversion will remain in place until Friday 23 July.

Please tell students to allow 10 minutes of extra time if they usually board in Poole old Town to catch the bus in the morning.

The only stops not served during this diversion which I believe no students currently board at are Ashmore Avenue and Hamworthy CO-OP students who usually board here should do so from Dorset House (Coles Avenue)

Please see current timetable below-

Furnell Road (Lander Close) 0705 

New Orchard (St Aubyns Court) 0709 

Blandford Road (Potters Arms) 0712 

Upton (Crossroads) 0726 

Lakeside (Coles Avenue) 0736 

Blandford Road (Red Lion) 0739 

Turlin Moor (Shops) 0745 

Turlin Moor (Egmont Road) 0747 

Turlin Road (Junction Road) 0750 

Upton (Crossroads) 0754 

Poole Road (Palmerston Road) 0756 

Northmead Drive (Swift Close) 0800 

Parkstone Grammar School 0805 

Poole Grammar School 0812

BCP Coronavirus update for parents / carers of travellers on dedicated school buses – 20 August 2020:-                                  

Your child will soon be resuming home to school transport on a dedicated school bus. A dedicated bus is used solely by children travelling to and from school and is not open to the general public You may have questions/concerns regarding safety on the school bus in relation to coronavirus. I write to communicate the most recent Government guidelines issued on 11th August 2020 and the procedures put in place to minimise the risk of coronavirus. We have consulted with schools and transport suppliers. It is important that students understand they have an important infection control role to play by following national coronavirus guidance.



Health check

If your child or any member of the household is showing any symptoms of coronavirus such as a new and persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste/smell, the child must not board home to school transport. Anyone with symptoms must stay at home and follow the Government’s guidance for households with possible or confirmed symptoms. This reminder has also been communicated to transport staff.

If a young person develops symptoms whilst at school or their place of education, they will be sent home. They must not travel on home to school transport. The school or place of education will contact parent or carer who should make arrangements for the young person’s journey home.

Social Distancing

Government advice is that from the autumn term local authorities will not be required to uniformly apply the social distancing guidelines for public transport on dedicated school or college transport. This is because the same students travel daily, the students will not mix with the general public and the risks of spreading C-19 is considered to be much lower.

  • Students are expected to social distance as far as possible and try to minimise the number of people they interact with so that they are not exposed to an unlimited number of people daily.
  • Where possible sit with children from your own school.
  • Follow any instructions / signed directives from the bus company.
  • Attempt to maintain as much distance as possible from others whilst waiting at bus stops and on board.
  • Board and disembark in an orderly fashion, be patient and try to leave space between yourself and other passengers.
  • Avoid using direct face to face seating.

Clean hands

Students should present for travel with clean hands. Regular handwashing remains key to infection control.

Passengers will be encouraged to sanitise their hands before boarding and again on disembarking. It would be good practice for students to carry a personal supply of hand sanitiser.

Contactless payment

Passengers are encouraged to use contactless payment wherever possible or to have the correct cash fare.

Passengers are asked to maintain a social distance and stand behind the screen when talking to the driver.

Good respiratory hygiene

Transport operators are required to ensure that vehicles are well ventilated, travellers can expect windows to be open during the journey.

‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’, passengers should travel with tissues and use them to catch and control coughs and sneezes. Tissues then must be disposed of hygienically.

Face coverings for passengers

The Government has not gone so far as to make face coverings compulsory on dedicated home to school transport. However, they are now strongly recommended for travellers over the age of 11 without a specific medical exemption. The council would respectfully ask travellers on dedicated home to school bus to wear one.


If your child is over 11 and you think they should be exempt from using a face covering, please contact the relevant operator. Yellow Buses offer an exemption card and More Buses digital exemption passes.

Enhanced vehicle cleaning

Home to school transport suppliers are committed to implementing an enhanced cleaning regime with appropriate disinfectants; frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned after every journey and a thorough clean carried out at the end of each working day.

Active Travel

The Government has asked that all travellers consider active travel. This means walking, cycling or scooting to / from school wherever possible. This form of self-help will reduce passenger numbers and will improve social distancing for those who are unable to actively travel. It is also seen as beneficial for physical and mental health, the environment.

Finally, I would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation in ensuring the safest possible outcome for your child and other travellers these challenging times.  

David Harrop. Passenger Transport Manager.

If you have any general queries about bus transport to the Grammar Schools please get in contact via E-mail: schoolbuses@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Timetables to download:-

Service 5 Timetable

Service 40 Timetable – Verwood/West Moors/Ferndown

Service 415 Timetable

Service 416 Timetable

Service 417 Timetable

Service 418 Timetable

Service 419 Timetable

Service 448 Timetable

Service 450 Timetable 

Linkrider 29

Linkrider 29w

Route 95 provisional September 2020