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School Travel Plan

One of the aims of the school development plan is to further develop as a sustainable school by promoting greener ways of getting to school. As part of the Borough of Poole and national plan Poole Grammar School has devised a Travel Plan which targets reducing our Carbon footprint. On an annual basis data is collected to ascertain what effect school policies are having on travel patterns. This data is also used by the Borough to help it make decisions about increasing the number of cycles lanes, public service buses etc. As we are not a ‘neighbourhood’ school there will always be challenges but we do seek to encourage walking, cycling or using buses to get to school as it is a great way to keep fit. School buses provide a comprehensive service serving most areas and parents who do drive their sons to school are encouraged to car share and to drop their sons off and pick them up away from the school site for a short walk to promote fitness and wellbeing.

Linkrider Coaches have a private bus service from Swanage, Wareham, Lytchett Matravers, and one from Wool and Bovington.  If you would like your son to use this service, please call Linkrider direct on 01929 477344 or e-mail linkridercoaches@btconnect.com


BCP Council has recently completed a retendering of the Parkstone and Poole Grammar School bus contracts. The result of this is that from September 2019 Morebus will be running all the services except for the Service 448 on a commercial basis. (Service 448 will continue to be provided by Morebus and will be subsidised by BCP Council.) Yellow Buses are continuing to run journeys on their public service bus 18 timed for school start and finish times.

What are the changes?

There will be no changes to the routes and timetables for the majority of services, however changes have been made to Services 417, 447 and 50. A summary of those changes is set out below. Full details of routes and timetables for 2019/20 can be found on the BCP Council website at https://www.poole.gov.uk/streets-and-travel/public-transport/buses/buses-in-poole/school-buses/

Services for Poole Grammar
415 – No Change
416 – No Change
417 – Replaced by amended 447 – No longer serves Wallisdown (see below for details)
418 – No Change
419 – No Change
447 – Now serves Poole Grammar as well as Parkstone (see below for details)
448 – No Change
50 – Replaced by New 450 with amended route and timetable (operated by morebus)
450 – New Service from Bournemouth University, Wallisdown Road, Bearwood and Merley

Changes to Services YB50, 417 and 447
These three services had significant unused capacity and have therefore been combined into two new routes. This will affect some pupils boarding in the Merley, Bearwood and Wallisdown areas. Copies of the new timetables and routes are available on the BCP website and will be sent out with the bus passes. Parents of pupils who pay daily fares are advised to check the BCP Council website for details of the route and timing changes.

New Service 450 (Previously YB50)
Service 50 previously run by Yellow Buses from Bearwood via Merley to Poole and Parkstone Grammar Schools will now be run by Morebus as Service 450 and will start from Wallisdown Road by Bournemouth University in the morning and travel along Wallisdown Road to Bearwood and then Merley. Pupils who previously boarded the 417 and 447 buses at the University and along Wallisdown Road will now board the 450. The route through Merley has also been simplified and will no longer travel along Sopwith Crescent and Rempstone Road.

New Service 447 (Previously 417 & 447)
Services 417 and 447 have been combined into one route which is numbered 447 and run by Morebus. The new 447 will start in the mornings on Alder Road (by Sainsburys) and then operate via Herbert Avenue, Oakdale, Canford Heath to Poole Grammar and onto Parkstone Grammar.

How to pay for school bus journeys

As in previous years, parents will have a choice of ways to pay for travel on the school buses:-

  • Single and Return tickets can be purchased on board the buses on a daily basis using cash or contactless debit or credit cards, smart phone or smart watch using Apple Pay and Android Pay.
  • You can apply for an annual school bus pass from BCP Council for the whole year at a cost of £670. Payment can be made either as one payment of the total amount or spread over nine monthly direct debit payments. An application form can be downloaded from the school buses page on the bcpcouncil.gov.uk website. (The charge will be waived for pupils who live over 2 miles from the school and are in receipt of low income. Please see the School Buses page on the BCP website for details of how the distance from school and eligibility as low income are calculated.)
  • You can also purchase passes direct from morebus (or Yellow Buses for Service 18):
  • Morebus can provide termly scholars passes along with the option of purchasing a Network add on which allows pupils to travel on the school bus and on other morebus services during evenings and weekends.

For guidance only, the cost of longer distance fares for 2019-20 (those from east of the Civic Centre inc. Newtown, Alderney, Wallisdown and Poole Old Town, Hamworthy/Turlin Moor/Upton) will be:

Autumn Term £263.30, Spring Term 210.60, Summer Term £196.10 – total £670

Medium distance fares for 2019-20 (those from the Civic Centre Westwards) will be:
Autumn Term £243.00, Spring Term 194.40, Summer Term £194.40

Please visit their school bus pass website http://passes.gosouthcoast.co.uk/ or telephone Morebus on 01202 338420 for the cost from your specific boarding point and details of how to purchase a pass.

Yellow Buses provide a range of period passes which can be used on their Service 18 – Please visit their website – www.bybus.co.uk or telephone them on 01202 636110.

If you have any general queries about bus transport to the Grammar Schools please get in contact via E-mail: schoolbuses@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Timetables to download:-

Verwood BusTimetable

Service 5 Timetable

Service 415 Timetable

Service 416 Timetable

Service 418 Timetable

Service 419 Timetable

Service 447 Timetable

Service 448 Timetable

Service 450 Timetable 

Linkrider 29

Linkrider 29w