Poole Grammar School, Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9JU | Tel: 01202 692132 | Email: pgsoffice@poolegrammar.com
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The School Day

Morning: 08:30 – 13:15   Afternoon: 14:25 – 15:30

  • Each day consists of Registration/Assembly time and five 60 minute periods.
  • During term time Reception is open Monday to Friday inclusive between 8am and 4.00pm.
  • During school holidays Reception is normally open for administrative business between 9am and 1pm except for statutory holidays.  However, it is advisable to call 01202 692132 for confirmation prior to visiting.

Emergencies (Closure of the School)

  1. Advance notice of any emergency closure will be given to parents whenever possible, although circumstances could arise when this would not be practicable.
  2. Advance notice would be given by letter or e-mail but, if this was impossible, through the school social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter), on the school website and broadcast on local radio stations.
  3. The school will not be closed, either to some or to all of the pupils, unless no prudent alternative is available.