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Expectations in lessons

1. At the start of a lesson, you:
• arrive on time;
• enter sensibly and go to your place (decided by your teacher);
• take out books, pens etc.

2. During a lesson, you:
• remain silent and attentive when the teacher is talking to the whole class;
• do not disturb the teaching or the learning of others;
• note down homework accurately, complete it and hand it in on time;
• may not eat or chew gum;
• may drink water from a clear, plastic bottle with permission from the teacher (never in the library, computer rooms or near computers elsewhere, workshops, music room and science laboratories);
• may, if you are in Year 9 or above, listen to music when doing individual work if the teacher gives permission, but you may not share headphones (only years 12 and 13 may use personal mobile devices in the library);
• should not request to go to the toilet or fill up your water bottle.

3. At the end of a lesson, you:
• pack away when instructed;
• put chairs under tables (or on tables if last lesson of the day);
• pick up any litter;
• leave in an orderly fashion, properly dressed for the next lesson, break, lunch or going home.

Expectations outside of lessons

1. Registration/tutor period
• You must not be in any school building before 8:10am unless you are attending Breakfast Club in the Hall or are studying in the Library or in Computer Room 5;
• You must arrive on time and sit in your allocated seat (not on tables, lab benches, window sills, the floor etc.);
• As well as taking the register, tutors will deal with matters of uniform, diary completion, collection of homework, the state of the room and they will follow up incidents/problems when these have been brought to their attention;
• Tutors will also take an interest in your general achievements, both in extra-curricular activities, and in life outside school as well as academic progress;
• You will be expected to contribute positively to any discussions about issues such as tutor group ethos, general behaviour, punctuality/attendance, bullying and whole-school issues.

2. Tutor rooms
• Students in Years 7 and 8 are not allowed in their tutor rooms unless a member of staff is present. Break and lunchtimes should be used for experiencing new clubs or activities and/or socialising with friends outside. Students will only be allowed in tutor rooms at break and lunchtime when it is “wet break”;
• Packed lunches should be eaten (in the lower part of the Hall) or outside ensuring at all times that litter is disposed of properly.

3. The Canteen
• Entry will be permitted in year group order on a daily rota;
• You must queue up in an orderly fashion at your designated time (full uniform must be properly worn);
• You must sit down to eat your food;
• Courtesy and consideration for others is expected at all times;
• As a user of the canteen, you clear your own tables and put rubbish in a bin;
• All hot food purchased from the canteen must be eaten there, as must ‘unwrapped’ cold items.

4. Around the school
• Staff (teaching and support) deal with minor offences on the spot;
• All infringements meriting further action will be referred initially to the tutor;
• Certain kinds of offence (for example, damage to the building; refusal to co-operate) will be referred on to the appropriate Head Of Year and/or a Deputy Headteacher;
• At the end of the school day, students must have left the school site by 3:45pm unless they are engaged in an activity supervised by a member of staff (e.g. a club, sporting activity, revision session or a detention).

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