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School Uniform Regulations

Students should have the correct school uniform and should wear it correctly. The correct school uniform is:

  • Plain black or grey full length formal style trousers (no denim like material or trousers with studs of any kind, and not ‘skinny style’);
  • Green school blazer with official school embroidered badge;
  • Plain white shirt with a collar designed for wear with a tie;
  • Official school tie (dolphin with NO lines for Years 7 & 8, dolphin with lines for Years 9, 10 & 11);
  • Footwear should be formal black or brown shoes of leather or leather appearance. Suede shoes or trainers/sports shoes of leather or leather appearance are not allowed. Boots are not allowed nor are shoes with studs and steel tips. Students should not wear trainers or leisure shoes on their way to or from school unless they are a cyclist;
  • Jumpers are not a compulsory part of the school uniform, but if they are worn, they should be of the official school design. If a jumper is worn it should be worn under a blazer with the school tie clearly visible;
  • Socks should be formal in style and not ‘trainer socks’ (i.e. the sock should be long enough to cover the ankle and the part of the leg above the ankle). Socks need to be changed for PE and games lessons;
  • No headgear, with the exception of cycle helmets when using a bicycle or a warm hat during spells of cold weather, should be worn anywhere on the school site and never inside school buildings;
  • Outdoor coats should not be worn inside the school building and students should not wear sweatshirts or hooded tops over their uniform whilst in school;
  • Hair, including facial hair, should be neat, natural in colour and styled in a relatively conservative manner (e.g. no less than grade 2 in length with no designs cut into the hair or hairline);
  • Jewellery:
    • No earrings or other visible body-piercing jewellery are allowed;
    • Students may wear rings, necklaces and bracelets/wristbands if they are unobtrusive;
    • The wearing of multiple bracelets, including charity wristbands, is not allowed.

For science lessons a plain white laboratory coat is required.

For PE the kit required is:

  • white t-shirt;
  • black shorts;
  • white socks (we do not recommend ‘trainer socks’);
  • trainers

For games:

  • the school bottle green reversible rugby shirt;
  • black shorts;
  • bottle green rugby socks;
  • studded boots.

Whilst gum shields are not compulsory for rugby they are strongly recommended, as are shin pads for the spring term when the focus moves onto football.

The PSA runs a ‘new to you’ uniform shop at a number of school evening events (e.g. consultation evenings) where second hand uniform can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

If any parent/carer has any financial difficulty in purchasing uniform, please contact your child’s Head of Year in confidence.

The school uniform rules apply on the way to and from school and at all times inside the school buildings, except in those lessons where specialist clothing may be required (e.g. games). The school uniform rules don’t apply when students are engaged in recreational activities outside the school buildings before school, at break time and at lunchtime.

The school uniform rules change in the summer term when ‘summer uniform’ is allowed. During this period students may wear short trousers (again these have to be plain, formal, black or grey shorts) and a plain short-sleeved shirt. Students must wear a tie on their journey to and from school but, on particularly hot days, they can ask each of their teachers if they can remove it for a particular lesson and on such days a tie does not have to be worn outside during break or lunchtime. Students and staff will be informed by the Headteacher when the ‘summer uniform’ period commences.

The school expects students to wear their uniform smartly. Students are issued each term with a ‘uniform minor card’ that they must keep in their blazer pocket, along with a pen, at all times. If a student is not complying with the uniform rules, for example:

  • Shirt is not tucked in;
  • Top button of shirt is not done up and tie not pulled up to the collar;
  • Blazer sleeves are rolled up;
  • Too many bracelets / wristbands;
  • Inappropriate footwear;
  • Outdoor coat worn inside the school buildings.

They will be issued with a uniform minor. If they amass 5 uniform minors they will have to attend a school lunchtime detention. If they amass 10 uniform minors they will have to attend an afterschool detention. Students with no uniform minors in any half term period are entered into a draw and could win a prize. The tutor group in each year group that has the lowest number of uniform minors in any half term period gets an additional non-uniform day.

Each student will be provided with a lanyard on their first day which must be worn at all times.  Entry to the canteen will be refused if a student is not wearing their lanyard.  The school will provide the first lanyard free of charge, however, if a student loses their lanyard, there will be a cost of £2.50 for a replacement.