Poole Grammar School, Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9JU | Tel: 01202 692132 | Email: pgsoffice@poolegrammar.com


The school has a school travel plan that encourages environmentally sustainable and healthy transport methods. More details on transport to and from school, including behavioural expectations for students are in a dedicated section later on in this pack.

If parents/carers have concerns about student behaviour on the way to and from school, they should contact their child’s Head of Year.

Many students travel to school by bus. Poole Grammar School and Parkstone Grammar School are served by shared buses that are run by MoreBus and Yellow Buses and are organised by BCP Council. There are also other routes that are covered by coaches hired by groups of parents/carers in a private capacity.

Information on the buses and routes that serve Poole Grammar School are available from the school office.

None of the buses/coaches that serve Poole Grammar School are organised by the school. Therefore if parents/carers have a query or complaint about a bus route that serves the school they should contact the appropriate bus service provider: More Bus – 01202 339200, Link Rider Coaches – 01929 477344, PPGS Flier – 07952 945387, Yellow Buses – 01202 636110.

However, comments about student behaviour on buses should be directed to the appropriate Head of Year at Poole Grammar School.