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School Uniform Regulations

Students should have the correct school uniform and should wear it correctly. The correct school uniform is:


Students must wear the approved blazer.


Formal plain grey or black, free of studs and not of jean appearance in cloth or design. Trousers should be full length and not ‘skinny’ in style.

Shorts are permitted as part of the summer uniform only, provided they are formal in appearance.


A white collared shirt designed for wear with a tie. The shirt must be worn tucked in with the top button done up.


The school tie must be tied up to the neck over a fully buttoned shirt. The designs for Years 7 & 8 (dolphin with no lines) and Years 9, 10 & 11 (dolphin with lines) differ slightly and are used to differentiate between students from each of these areas of the school.


Socks should be formal in style and not ‘trainer socks’ (i.e. the sock should be long enough to cover the ankle and the part of the leg above the ankle). Socks need to be changed for PE and games lessons.


All black or brown shoes with dark soles of leather or leather appearance (not suede), appropriate for wear with school uniform and devoid of studs, steel tips, etc. that might cause damage to floors, must be worn. Heavy boots are not permitted. Training shoes or any other footwear designed for PE or Games may

not be worn on journeys to and from school (except by cyclists), but may be worn for recreational purposes when outside the buildings.


Pullovers are not compulsory. If worn they must be the official school design. In Years 7 to 11 they must be worn under the blazer with the tie clearly visible.


Students must visibly wear their coloured lanyard and ID card at all times when on the school site, unless it would be dangerous to do so (e.g. in some PE lessons

or during practical tasks) when a teacher will expressly tell students to remove their lanyards.

Laboratory and workshop activities

Flame resistant protective white laboratory coat.  The student’s name must be clearly marked above the breast pocket.


Normally, no headgear may be worn (in very cold weather this rule may be relaxed). Cyclists are strongly advised to wear helmets when riding to and from school.

Outer garments

Outer garments in colder/wetter weather should be appropriate for wear with school uniform i.e. warm and/or waterproof coats. These are for wear going to/from school, but should not be worn in the buildings or during lessons. Casual garments including sweatshirts and hooded tops are not permitted.


Hair (including facial hair) should be neat and natural in colour. Extremes of fashion in terms of styling are not permitted. This includes shaving patterns into hair.


Discreet badges indicating involvement with an approved organisation or activity may be worn, e.g. D of E, Student Leadership etc. These must not be offensive.

Jewellery and tattoos

The wearing of unobtrusive jewellery is permissible which must be removed for Games and other activities as directed by teaching staff as necessary. Students should not wear more than one bracelet or wristband. However, earrings (including studs or sleepers) and other visible jewellery involving body piercing may not be worn. Students should specifically avoid having piercings made during the school year which could lead to such jewellery being in place contrary to these rules. If they do so, then the items must be removed when they are at or travelling to/from school. Where persistent, items will be confiscated.

Tattoos should not be visible at any time in school or on the journey to/from school.