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Student Behavioural Sanctions Summary

Decisions about the appropriate sanction to be used will always be made by a staff member considering the specific circumstances and background to the offence.

This must be borne in mind when looking at the examples of misdemeanour shown below. The list is indicative and not exhaustive.


Examples of misdemeanour


Recorded in the Student Planner for smaller issues that do not merit a sanction.

5 minors = school lunchtime detention given by tutor as part of weekly check

·     B – Behaviour, not meeting school expectations;

·     O – Organisation, student planner not signed or forgotten, minor for each day; forgotten locker key

·     P – Punctuality, lateness – one-off;

·     U – Uniform, one minor slip (on uniform minor card);

·     W – Work deficiencies, including not meeting minimum standards;

Academic Detention

Held daily in P4 (13:45 – 14:15) Work to be arranged by subject teacher or reflection activity issued. Subject teacher must inform Head of Department.

Recorded on SIMS by subject teacher.

More serious academic issues than those of a minor sanction that

occur in the classroom during lessons.

·     B – behaviour, disruption in lesson;

·     O – Not bringing the right equipment persistently;

·     P – Lateness, more than one occasion;

·     U – Regularly arriving at lesson not meeting school uniform expectations;

·     W – work deficiencies, eg, failure to meet deadline or complete homework, work not copied up from absence;

Pastoral Lunchtime Detention

Held daily in Ron Toms room (13:45 -14:15)

Recorded on SIMS

For more serious/persistent offences and non-academic concerns than those of a minor sanction, not occurring in lessons.

·     B – behaviour, anti-social behaviour in corridors/tutor rooms & outside, rowdy behaviour at break time, accumulated minors, minor mobile phone misuse in school;

·     O – forgotten student planner or failure to be signed on more than one occasion (a term), graffiti in planner, missing uniform card;

·     P – lateness to school or registration on more than one occasion in a week, truancy from a lesson;

·     U – regular uniform infringements or 5 uniform minors;

School Evening Detention (held by member of SLT)

Held on Thursdays in D4 (15:35 to 16:20)

Issued after consultation with Head of Department or Head of Year

Recorded on SIMS.

24 hours’ advance notice given and parent(s) informed

For serious/ persistent offences (where a lunch detention has previously been issued) of behaviour, planner misuse, lateness, uniform or work

·     B – disruption/poor behaviour at school or the journey to/from school, intimidation/harassment/bullying of peers, having (e-) cigarettes, smoking/vaping on school premises/activities or the way to/from school, repeated poor behaviour across subjects, failure to follow instructions of any member of staff, minor vandalism, misuse of mobile technology

·     O – persistent failure to bring student planner to school or be signed;

·     P – persistent lateness or failure to attend lunch detention;

·     U – 10 accumulated uniform minors or persistent uniform infringements after a lunch detention has been issued;

·     W – Repeated failure to meet deadlines, complete homework or produce work to a satisfactory standard;

Lateness to detention = Full additional repeat sanction

Failure to attend detention = Escalation to next stage of sanctions


Internal Isolation

Imposed by Head of Year or Head of Department (after consultation with Assistant/ Deputy Headteacher) or by Assistant/Deputy Headteacher;

May be recreation times only or lesson times and recreational times.

Noted on SIMS.

Phone call / email / letter to parent/carer.

For more serious or continued persistent offences of behaviour, lateness, uniform or work that have not been resolved following school evening detentions.

·     Persistent failure/refusal to co-operate with staff (teaching or support);

·     Swearing at any member of teaching or support staff;

·     Physical assault of student(s) (the nature and severity of the incident could lead to a less serious or more serious sanction if appropriate);

·     Any act of behaviour on the school site or on the journey to/from school that compromises the safety of any other person;

·     More serious instances of, or persistent, bullying of other students either on the school site, during the journey to/from school or online;

·     More serious instances of vandalism;

·     More serious misuse of mobile technology or distribution of images/ text / social media

Fixed Term Exclusion

Follows the involvement of Assistant/Deputy Headteacher and is imposed by the Headteacher.

Letter sent home to parent/carer. Involvement of outside agencies as appropriate

For serious incidents of dangerous, defiant, abusive/violent behaviour, or persistent failure to meet the expectations of the school and its staff.

·     Any repetitive or severe incidences of the above;

·     A serious breach of the values of the school or its ethos with particular regard to the beliefs of others;

·     Aggressive behaviour towards any member of staff;

·     Having or using alcohol/drugs or being under the influence of alcohol/drugs on school premises or on a school activity;

·     Very serious misuse of mobile technology or distribution of images

/ text / social media that brings the school into disrepute.

·     Incidences of hate crime

Permanent Exclusion

Follows the involvement of Assistant/Deputy Headteacher and is imposed by the Headteacher

Letter sent home to parent/carer.

A single, very serious or illegal act which threatens the safety of the school community or any individual or repeated failure to respond to the school’s expectations.

·     Supplying or using illegal drugs on school premises or on a school activity;

·     A culpable assault which leads to serious injury;

·     Persistent, deliberate misbehaviour incompatible with continued membership of the school;

·     Serious incidents of indiscipline over a long period of time and following two or more fixed term exclusions.

 Other strategies that can be used at the discretion of the school:

  • removal from the lesson to work in another member of staff’s lesson;
  • report card and/or use of targets / action plan;
  • withdrawal of privilege, for example having to attend supervised lunchtime sessions;
  • community service;
  • restorative justice

Mr E.Gibbs

Assistant Headteacher

September 2021