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Admissions Appeal Process

Dear Parents/Carers

In light of the every changing complex situation regarding the Coronavirus, please read the attached letter from BCP regarding the Appeals Process as 25.03.2020.  Parent Letter 25 March 20 – Covid-19

We confirm that Poole Grammar School is still accepting Admission Appeals for Year 7 Entry in September 2020.  Please complete the Annex A form on our website, ensuring that the reasons for your appeal section is completed as fully as possible.

Please email this, where possible, to Mrs Claire Collins at collinsc@poolegrammar.com.    Mrs Collins and the Appeals team at BCP are all currently working remotely so this is the preferred medium.  If this is not possible, please contact the school on 01202 692132 if you have posted an appeal so that we can make the necessary arrangements for its retrieval.

It is important that your appeal is lodged before 4pm on 1st April and we will contact you when we have received further guidance from the Government as to when the appeals are able to be held.  We will contact you again regarding sending in any further evidence you wish to submit at this point.

Many thanks for your co-operation at this difficult time. 

Please be advised that, in order to be fair and remain impartial, we are unable to discuss details of individual cases.

Parents and carers are advised to read the Guidance Notes before completing and submitting an appeal.  Guidance-Notes-for-Appeals – Annex C

Download and complete the appeal form, save it locally to (your Child’s name)PGSAppeal.pdf and attach to the email with your Child’s name and Appeal in the subject header and send to Mrs Claire Collins at collinsc@poolegrammar.com.  The postal address: F.A.O Mrs Claire Collins, Admissions Appeals, Poole Grammar School, Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9JU.

Please note that we can only accept appeals electronically if they are under 10MB.  If your son’s appeal pack is over this size, please print and hand in to the school reception.

Year 7 Entry September 2020 Appeals

The timeline for Year 7 for entry in September 2020 is detailed as attached: Timeline for Admission Appeals Year 7 Entry 2020

Parents and carers are requested to complete PGS-Appeal-Form-Annex-A-Year 7 Entry Appeal 2020 form

For In-year entry appeals, please complete PGS-Appeal-Form-Annex-B In Year Entry Appeal 2020 form.

The current admission policy for in-year appeals is Admissions Policy 2019/20.

NOTE: If you are completing the form on an Apple Mac, please do not complete it in Preview Mode as it will not save correctly. If you have any problems you can download a free Adobe Reader for Mac here

If you are unable to download and print the above documentation, we can arrange for printed copies to be posted please contact:

Mrs Claire Collins: E-mail collinsc@poolegrammar.com, or telephone 01202 692132 ext 271, providing your name and postal address.

To view our Admissions Policy for 2020/21, please click here.

Further Information regarding the Appeals Procedure

To view the BCP Council Admissions Appeals Procedure, please click here