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Officers and Committee Members 2018 – 2019

President & PGS Headteacher:                     Andy Baker                Poole Grammar School, Gravel Hill, Poole Dorset BH17 9JU

Secretary:                                                       Nigel Paton                38 De Havilland Close, Merley, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1XU

Chairman:                                                       Tony Farquhar           34 Halstock Crescent, West Canford Heath, Poole Dorset BH17 9BA

Vice Chairman:                                              Nigel Williams            31 Greenhayes, Broadstone,Poole, Dorset  BH18 8LZ

Newsletter Editor:                                         Tony Farquhar

Assistant Editor:                                            Nick Latcham             Suvla Bay, High Street, Spetisbury,Blandford, Dorset DT11 9DP

Cricket Club Representatives                       Nigel Williams

                                                                        Tim Hall                      15 Countess Close, Merley, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1UJ


Committee Members:                                   Ed Gibbs

                                                                        Chris Pearson

                                                                        Adrian Pike

                                                                        Derek Sawyer

                                                                        John Tansey

                                                                        Peter Taylor