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POGA – Minutes of AGM 2019

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Poole Old Grammarians’ Association

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 11th November 2019

In attendance were: Tony Farquhar (Chairman), Tim Hall, Nick Latcham, Derek Sawyer, Peter Taylor, Nigel Williams, Larry Darby (1967-72) and David Jones (1967-71)

  1. Apologies were received from Nigel Paton, Chris Pearson and Paul Taylor
  2. The Minutes of the AGM held on 11th June 2018 were accepted as a true and accurate account
  3. Matters Arising. Gift Aid – Derek Sawyer asked if the matter of how the Gift Aid was claimed from subscriptions. It was agreed that Gift Aid could be more clearly explained to members.
  4. Finance Report. As Treasurer not present detailed report was unavailable. However reference was made to previous Committee minutes which demonstrated that the Association was in healthy financial shape and well able to meet its commitments e.g. to School Magazine and current pupils. At this point it was noted that Nigel Paton had only taken on the role of Treasurer as a stop gap measure and that it was both in his and the Committee’s interest to appoint another individual to this important role asap.
  5. Appointment of Auditor. In the absence of the Treasurer it was hoped but couldn’t be confirmed that the existing Auditor (Graham Latham) would remain in situ.
  6. Secretary’s Report. Secretary was not present but he had let it be known that his Report would appear in the next issue of the Dolphin Magazine.
  7. Newsletter Report. The Editor apologised that the current Newsletter had not been issued before the meeting but that it would be issued within the next few days. He again indicated that he would be happy to stand down but agreed to carry on for the time being – especially as Larry Darby volunteered to help procure articles.
  8. Dolphin Magazine. As far as the Chairman was aware all articles with reference to the Association had been submitted to the Dolphin Editor.
  9. Election of Vice Presidents. It was explained that the position of Vice President was an honorary one and offered to long serving members of staff upon their retirement. The Chairman informed the meeting  of the deaths of three Vice Presidents this year – Les Anderson, Noel Fisher and Bill Wilson, but couldn’t confirm (in the absence of the Secretary) if any retiring member of this year’s staff had been invited to become a Vice-President.
  10. Chairman’s Review of the Association. The Chairman thanked the current committee for their involvement over the three years he had been Chairman. In the immediacy he thanked Tim Hall for standing in at short notice at the wreath laying (on behalf of past pupils of the School) service at St James’ Church on Armistice Sunday. The Chairman was pleased that the Old Grams Dinner had been revived under his tenure and that the number on the Association’s membership roll continued to remain steady. He was confident that the Association would continue to flourish under his successor
  11. Appointment of Officers and Committee members for 2019-20.

Chairman – Peter Taylor

Secretary – Nigel Paton

Treasurer – Nigel Paton

Newsletter Editor – Tony Farquhar

Assistant Editor      – Larry Darby

Cricket Club Reps.  – Tim Hall and Nigel Williams

Other Committee   – Andy Baker (Headmaster and President of the Association)

     Members           –  Ed Gibbs

                                   Nick Latcham

                                   Chris Pearson (Old Boys Day contact)

                                   Adrian Pike

                                   Derek Sawyer

                                   John Tansey

  1. AOB. It was agreed during the course of the meeting that the title of Vice Chairman should be abolished and that all information regarding the Association should be kept on a separate data base within the School.