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What will I learn?

Business is offered at A Level. We use the AQA exam board A Level course.

Students will develop their competencies in a number of areas.  Many year 13 students each year leave Poole Grammar School to pursue Business Management at university with many utilising their business skills in their future professional careers.

What will I do?

Business lessons will include a number of the necessary skills and practice required for students to achieve their full potential, including in particular maths and literacy. Lessons will include investigating up to date business issues from the news, documentaries and podcasts as well as note taking from powerpoints and plenty of class discussion. Towards the end of each topic area A’level questions are used to assess learning and application of theory. 

How much homework will I get?

Homework tasks are set to consolidate learning in the classroom and to provide students with opportunities to reinforce their knowledge of the subject.

At A Level, homework is set almost every lesson and will differ in quantity and duration according to the topic area the students are studying. Students are also expected to read around the topics, on both theories and news articles that they study so that in lessons they can contribute to discussion on areas they have read up on.

How will I be assessed?

Students are assessed during each topic area, as well as on completion of the topic, during the academic year, which is in the form of a module test (often a past exam question).  When a student does not reach the required pass mark they will re-do this test.

What guidance and support is available?

Students who need additional support should speak to their subject teacher in the first instance, as they are best placed to recommend additional resources and guidance.

 What extra-curricular opportunities are available?

The Business and Economics department at Poole Grammar School offers various extra curricular activities including a young investors share experience and membership of Young Enterprise Company Programme in conjunction with other local schools and local businesses. There is also an opportunity to go to an exam board based workshop as a grade booster towards the end of year 13.