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Government and Politics


You will learn how the UK and USA political systems work.

The course focuses on the political institutions and constitutional arrangements of each system. There is a focus on democracy as a political system. You will also develop an understanding of the main political ideas in politics. There is an emphasis on analysis and evaluation of current political events and their impact on the workings of the political system. 

Course content:

Year 12 you will study:

Political participation, including voting behaviour, political parties and democracy

Core political ideas, including conservatism, socialism and liberalism

UK government, including parliament, constitution, Prime Minister

Year 13 you will study:


US constitution, Congress, Presidency, Supreme Court

Comparison of the UK and US political systems.


Lessons will focus on discussion and debate. In order to encourage debate, seminars, presentations, case studies are used. Some activities may centre on music, art, or political demonstrations, in order to develop an awareness of key political concepts. Materials are available in order to help with the development of analytical skills. Tasks will general be undertaken in small groups.

Impact: How do we know we have been successful?

Assessment materials are available. Past exam papers, informal and formal assessments within class will help you assess how you are progressing. 

Methods of assessment

Three exam papers each of 2 hours duration. No course work.

Discussion and written work are central to the course.  In all areas, the content will emphasise political examples – materials will have a clear emphasis on contemporary political events.

Guidance and support Lunchtime sessions are available for extra support. In addition, course materials and activities are designed to help you with the skill requirements for the exam, but staff within the department are always willingly to make themselves available at lunch times to provide additional help if required.


The department generally undertakes an annual visit to parliament, involving a tour, question and answer session with our local MP and gallery tickets to watch a session of parliamentary questions. In addition, where possible the department seeks to invite political speakers, usually local MPs or figures from one of the main political parties.