Poole Grammar School, Gravel Hill, Poole, Dorset, BH17 9JU | Tel: 01202 692132 | Fax: 01202 606500 | Email: pgsoffice@poolegrammar.com

Teaching Staff

Mr A J Baker BA Hons (Lancaster) PGCE (Keele) NPQH MA (Middlesex) Headteacher
Miss D London BA Hons (Leeds), PGCE (Sussex) Deputy Head (Upper Main School) – Years, 9, 10 & 11, Geography
Mr S Jenkins MA Hons (Cambridge) PGCE (Brunel) MEd (Open) Deputy Head (Sixth Form) – Years 12 & 13, Geography
Mr K M McDonald BSc Hons (Bangor) PGCE (London) Deputy Head (Lower Main School) – Years 7 & 8, Biology
Mrs K Etheridge BSc Hons & PGCE (Southampton) Assistant Head – Head of Learning Support, Geography
Mrs C A Barton BA Hons (Bournemouth) PGCE (Southampton) French (Part-time)
Mr D W Beeby BMus. Hons (London) PGCE (Middlesex) Head of Music
Mrs M Bell BA Hons (Bournemouth) GTTP (Poole DRB) Head of Art
Mr K H Berry Dip Ed (Leeds) PE, Design Technology, IT
Mrs R Bichard BA Hons (Buckinghamshire) PGCE (Roehampton) Head of Business Studies, IT
Miss S Bladen BA Hons (Gloucester) PGCE (WSTP) RP (Part-time)
Mr N Brady BA Hons (Newcastle) PGCE (Greenwich) Design Technology
Mrs R Brice BA Hons & PGCE (Nottingham Trent) Design Technology (Part-time)
Mr M Byrnes BSc (Bangor) PGCE (Sussex) RP
Dt T Carter MPhys (Oxford), PhD (London), PGCE (London) Head of Physics
Mr N Chase BSc Hons & PGCE (Southampton) Chemistry, Head of Year
Mr W Clarke BA (QTS) (Birmingham) English, Head of Year
Mr M Clist BSc Hons (Warwick) PGCE (Bristol) Computing/ICT Co-ordinator
Ms D Coombs MFL Degree (Universite Sendhal) PGCE (Bath) French and Spanish
Mr D Crutchley BEd Hons (Plymouth) Head of PE and Games
Mr A Dallimore BSc Hons with QTS (Exeter) Head of Design Technology
Mr A Davies BA (Manchester) PGCE (Roehampton) English
Dr J Denton BA Hons (Aberystwyth), MSc (Warwick), EdD (Warwick), PGCE (Exeter) Maths (part-time)
Mr R Q Dew BEd Hons (West London) PE/Games, RP, Head of Year
Mr C Dunnington BA Hons (Worcester) PGCE (Reading) Head of Drama
Miss H Edwards BA Hons (Bournemouth) PGCE (WSTP) Art (Part-time)
Mrs C Faraday BA Hons. (Kent) GTTP (Southfield Academy) History
Mr E C Gibbs BA Hons (Wales) PGCE (Southampton) Geography, Games, Head of Year
Dr A Grindon BSc Hons (Reading) PGCE (Plymouth) Biology
Mr D Harvey MA Hons & Cert. Ed. (Oxford) History
Mr M Hayward BSc Hons. (Wales), GTTP (WSTP) Biology, Head of PSHE
Mr N Hook BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE, MA, (B’mth SCITT) German, French, 2 i/c Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A M Hooton BSc Hons. (Nottingham) PGCE (Nottingham) Mathematics, Games, Senior Professional Tutor
Mrs G Hosier BA Hons (Exeter), PGCE (Newcastle) Drama, English (Part-time)
Miss L Hurton BA Hons (Sheffield), PGCE (Hull) Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J E Iles BSc Hons (Aston), PGCE (Birmingham) French
Mr D Jackaman BSc Hons (Greenwich) PGCE (Wales) MA Ed. Design Technology
Mr A Kelley BA Hons (Royal Holloway) PGCE (Warwick) History
Mr S Lester BSc Hons & PGCE (Bristol) MPhil (Cambridge) Head of Biology
Mr D Lewis BSc Hons (Loughborough), PGCE (Exeter) Physics
Mr S Llewelyn BSc Hons (Southampton) GTTP (Poole DRB) PE/Games, Psychology, Head of Year
Mr J McIntosh BEd. (Exeter) 2 i/c Mathematics, Games
Mrs K Mallace-Goulbourne BA Hons. (Warwick) PGCE (Birmingham) Head of English
Mr P March BSc Hons. (Surrey), PGCE (Wolverhampton) Design Technology (Electronics) (Part-time)
Rev. T Meachin BSc Hons. (Warwick) Chemistry
Mr D Meredith BSc Hons (Plymouth) MSc (Bristol) Head of Psychology and Politics
Mrs K R Myers BSc Hons (Soton) MSc, PGCE ,PGCert, ATSBDA Physics (Part-time)
Dr R K Noble BA Hons. (Aberystwyth) PGCE PhD (Cardiff) Head of Mathematics
Mr A Oldman BSc Hons (Portsmouth) PGCE (Leeds) Mathematics,  TSST Coordinator
Mr A Pape BEng. Hons (Wales) PGCE (Southampton) Mathematics
Mr M J Partridge BA Hons (East Anglia) PGCE (Southampton) French, Spanish, Head of Year
Miss N Pipe MSc (Exeter) PGCE (WSTP) Maths
Mr S G Powell BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE (Manchester)` Head of History
Mr J Randall BA Hons (Greenwich) MA (UCL) PGCE (Soton) Head of Religion & Philosophy
Mr L Roberts BSc Hons (Bournemouth), DipHE (Chester), PGCE (WSTP) Computing Science and NQT
Mr I Round BA Hons (Exeter) PGCE (Greenwich) Head of Economics (Part-time)
Mr P Rowat MEng Hons (B’ham) PGCE (SCITT) Mathematics
Mrs L Russ BA Hons (Leeds) Msc IT (York) PGCE (London) English
Mrs A Smith BEd Hons (Brighton) MoE (Bristol) Biology and Chemistry
Dr R J Smith BSc Hons (Liverpool) PhD PGCE (Bromley) Head of Chemistry
Mr S Smith BA (Oxford), PGCE (London) Language Assistant (Part-time)
Mrs T Smith BA Hons (Warwick) PGCE (Southampton) History (Part-time)
Mrs J Stephens BSc Hons (Durham), MA (Southampton), PGCE (Southampton) Physics (Part-time)
Ms K Stevens BSc Hons (Liverpool) PGCE (Plymouth) Maths (Part-time)
Mr D T Stickney BSc Hons (Liverpool) PGCE (Leicester) Geography, i/c Geology, Head of Year
Ms H Straw BA Hons (Hull), PGCE (Roehampton) Music (Part-time)
Mr J Syms BA Hons (Lincolnshire) PGCE (Southampton) Head of Geography
Mr C Tucker Bachelor of Science (Lethbridge) Physics
Mrs C Urquhart-Barham BA Hons (Roehampton), PGCE (Cambridge) English, KS3 Literacy Co-ordinator
Mr S M White BSc Hons (Aberystwyth) MSc & PGCE (Oxford) Head of Computing/ICT
Mr A Williams BSc Hons (Bristol) BPDE SCITT Biology (Part-time)
Miss K Willis BA Hons (Wolverhampton), PGCE (Keele) English (Part-time)
Mrs A Wright BSc Hons (Reading) GTTP (Poole DRB) Food Technology